DIA CONSEILS  possesses a wide experience in the putting in project march of Floating Wharves for Sea-coasts and Delfinarios, mainly in the island of Cuba, with a permanence of more than 20 years and endorsed by the quality PORALU,  Canada division, of whom we are authorized distributors. Company with an experience of 30 years on the market and that follows our environmental and social philosophy.
The efficiency,  guarantee and quality in our products have allowed us to climb on the Caribbean market.

Fixed wharves

Evaluation, design and construction of fixed wharf according to zone to exploiting for the client.

Floating wharves

Floating evaluation, design and construction of wharf according to zone to exploiting for the client.

Accessories for wharves

Elements and different accessories as cleats, sticks, turrets, lights, floating signposts etc. for all kinds of wharves.

 Wharves with structure of aluminium

Evaluation, design and construction of wharf with structure of aluminium.

Gangplanks and gangplanks of plastic ROTAX

Evaluation, design and construction of gangplanks for wharves and access to the beach in hotels.

Coastal developments and of sea-coasts

Evaluation, design and construction of sea-coasts as well as the coastal development as the client defines.

Design of sea-coasts and piers, from the ties, covers, defenses, services and accesses


DIA CONSEILS possesses a wide range of nautical products in his  marine hardware store. You can find everything what you need and furthermore, due to the wide range and the suitable distribution of our products of whom we are distribution in Cuba and the Caribbean.

Accessories and equipment for nautical hardware store

It includes everything recounted to the elements of maintenances and repair light for pleasure boats, as well as some equipments for the insurance of his exploitation example: Ends, defenses, anchors, equipments of navigation of craft, means and accessory for the fishing and dive, etc.


Type of craft to develop the Day Chárter and the life on board.

Masts for catamarans

All kinds of masts so much Major, jib and ball for catamarans of different size.

 Meshes for catamarans

All kinds of mesh for the catamarans Day Chárter and life on board.

Pleasure and scuba diving boats

All kinds of pleasure and scuba diving boats according to characteristic and parameters requested by client.

 Jet skis

Motorcycles for clients’ walk and to support activities in the beach according to characteristics requested by client.

Outboard motors

Engines FB of different powers and brands, for pleasure boats, service boats and scuba diving boats.

Inboard engines

Inboard engines of different powers and brands, for pleasure crafts, fishing, scuba diving and service.

Boats, kayaks two-seater and single-seater, oars, Hobiet Cat 15, sailboards, wind Surf

Equipment to develop and to support the activities in the beach.

Compressors and tanks for scuba diving

Equipments for scuba diving in the places destined for this activity.

Scuba diving equipments and accessories

Elements like jackets, regulators, fins and snorkel for secure scuba diving.

Equipments and accessories for beaches

Accessories to develop and to support the activities in the beach, since they are jackets of major and for children, fins, snorkel, etc.

Navigation equipments

Equipment for the support to the safety of the navigation since GPS, AIS, ecosonda, etc.

Fishing accessories

Accessories for the development of the sports fishing as rods, reels, nylon, fish hooks, rapalas, etc.

Trailer, tows and semi-trailers for boats and aquatic equipments

Devices for the support of the movement for land of nautical equipments to different points.


Equip of different tonnage to realize the launchings of the crafts for repair and maintenances of the same ones.